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Where to Travel in 2022

The 22 locations that should land on your bucket list this year.

The pandemic has certainly taught us a lot about ourselves and the world, but we’ve unlearned quite a few things as well—like how the “work hard, play hard” ethos might not be the healthiest of mantras. We’ve rediscovered balance and the truly important things in life, and travel is very much a part of that, whether it’s voyaging across oceans to see family we’ve missed or venturing across continents to reconnect with places we’ve so enjoyed before.

The opening of the Montage Big Sky has solidified Montana as the next great destination of the American West, with the help of two buzzy television shows, Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner, and Big Sky, from showrunner David E. Kelley. It won’t be long before Hollywood movie stars start colonizing Bozeman and its surrounding areas, much like they already have in Aspen and Park City.